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How to rebind damaged books. From the problem to the solution.

Dust Jacket
Detached cover
Title on the spine
Broken spine
High spine
Buckling book
Broken section book
Broken single leaf book
Broken books with notching
Singer sewing
Tear leaf
Detached leaf
Adhesive tape



Broken single leaf book

Slinging of the leaves
This helps make sections ready for every kind of sewing. It is a good operation, even if it is very expensive.
Oriental sewing
Easy and fast to do, very firm, it can be used only with spines less than 2.5 cm thick. The cover can be stiff or flexible.

  oriental sewing
Comb binding 
Very easy and inexpensive, it can be used only for little fascicles or didactic material with single leaves; the leaves could be separated without difficulty and without damage. 
comb binding
Perfect binding with notching 
It’s a solution that tries to recreate the original binding by inserting a rope, called notching. Technique is not very resistant if the book is used frequently.
notching with glue

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