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How to rebind damaged books. From the problem to the solution.

Why the ilRilegalibro

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Why the ilRilegalibro

The “Gruppo di lavoro per la conservazione dei beni librari” (Working group for the preservation of library books) of the University of Padova’s Library System conducts its activities to spread awareness on the value of preservation of documents in libraries, but also to train and support the SBA personnel about these issues.  

For this purpose, we created ilRilegalibro, devoted to the education of the most frequent damages incurred by books bindings and the possible solutions.  The intention is to provide librarians information on the proper preservation of the libraries’ patrimony. With this aim we created on-line a complete and easy to access support information useful also to those operating in libraries not necessarily responsible for the preservation.

Following some simple rules (often of simply perception, but not really defined in a specific way) could be very useful for a proper preservation of the books and to ensure a long time use for users. 

This project was made possible  thanks to Stefano Varotto for graphic, Andrea Graziani and Adriano Zattarin for digital imagines, Natalia Allega and Aurora Smania for the first translation into english, Felice Curcelli and Jill Perron for supervision to the english version of this site. A heartfelt thanks to all the colleagues and their collaboration with us.  

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