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How to rebind damaged books. From the problem to the solution.

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Dust Jacket
Detached cover
Title on the spine
Broken spine
High spine
Buckling book
Broken section book
Broken single leaf book
Broken books with notching
Singer sewing
Tear leaf
Detached leaf
Adhesive tape


How to navigate the site

The ilRilegalibro examines the most common cases of damages related to the bindings of books. The list of damages in on the left and it’s a clickable link from any page in the site.

These are the steps included for each listed damage:

The problem
This page introduces the issue to solve, the problem, for which an adequate solution is required.prima pagina presenta il caso da risolvere, il problema a cui trovare una soluzione adeguata.

What to do
For each problem there is a page with the adequate solutions, introduced with simple suggestions, explaining the steps of labor to commission, if too technical or requiring special skills and tools.

What not to do
For each problem there are also suggestions on what not to do to prevent the worsening of the problem or to simply wasting time, i.e. useless.

You can also consult the Glossary where you can find the words and the definitions more technical. It can be looked through at the end of the reading of the site or every time that you find an unknown word, clicking on the word.

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