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How to rebind damaged books. From the problem to the solution.

Dust Jacket
Detached cover
Title on the spine
Broken spine
High spine
Buckling book
Broken section book
Broken single leaf book
Broken books with notching
Singer sewing
Tear leaf
Detached leaf
Adhesive tape



Dust jacket

Protection Dust Jacket
Protect the book and its dust jacket with a  cover made of non-toxic , odourless, waterproof polyethylene neutral ph.
dust jacket made of polyethylene
Protection container
Remove the dust jacket and put it in a separate box. A special catalogue will help you finding the dust jacket when needed.
protection container
Informative notes preservation
Cut on information that appear on the dust jacket and stick them in the inner part of the pastedown using reversible/removable glue.
glued dust jacket glued dust jacket
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